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5 things to consider when choosing a Care Home

September 2019 · Editor: Lucy Harvey

This decision will be much easier if you give yourself time to research the care homes that will best match the needs of the individual and family for long-term care. .

Unfortunately, most people don’t get much time to make this decision. There is often a rapid change in the individual’s physical health that requires immediate placement. Other times, the placement begins when the individual needs to stay in a care home for short periods of respite.

If your loved one can still make choices or discuss their wishes clearly, it is very important that you acknowledge their opinion and act accordingly. However, if an impairment has caused this level of thought to be difficult for your loved one, you need to be ready to make decisions on their behalf.

Making the final decision on nursing home care placement will inevitably come with some challenges. It is an emotional time and opinions may differ greatly between the individual requiring care, yourself, and other family members. A professional, such as a social worker or doctor, can be very helpful in these situations.

Whether you are looking for care homes yourself or on the behalf of a loved one for long-term care, these key points will help you make the best decision possible:

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