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Wardside Gazette No. 11

March 2011 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

There were no new permanent residents during February but for respite periods we welcomed Mrs Pettifer, Mrs Porter, Mr Silk and Mrs Bell and, as always, we hope they will feel the better for their stay with us.




Congratulations to Ursula Hubbard who celebrated her birthday during February and we wish her many happy returns of the day.



Sadly, during February, we lost two very quiet and gentle residents who died within two days of one another – Molly McLeish and Janette Gray. Molly, a retired music teacher, had been resident for 12 years and was always “on the go” with a wave and a smile to everyone. Janette had been resident for almost 4 years and, although always pleasant, was of a more reserved nature but, in her younger days we are told, was an expert highland dancer and even played the bagpipes. We will miss them both.



Jean Arthur and Nicola Ozkan attended a class on Dementia Awareness Training and Margaret MacGregor attended a class on Adult Protection. Barbara Nicholson, having had good experience previously in the care sector, has been promoted to a Senior Carer.


Future Events:

Friday 4th March. A Musical Afternoon at 2.30 pm.

Sunday 6th March. World Day of Prayer. Church Service by Rev. William Ross at 2.30 pm.

Friday 18th March. Church Service by Rev. Andrew Barton at 11 am.

Saturday 27th March. Clocks will change to British Summer Time (remember to move them an hour forward).


The Musical Afternoon on 4th March has been chosen to inaugurate the new large screen television which was very kindly and thoughtfully installed by David and Marjory. A DVD having the title Moonlight Serenade will be shown at 2.30 pm with a short interval for tea and nibbles. Do not miss this!

It is intended to have similar afternoons or evenings on a regular basis and a proposed programme will be published when compiled.


The Craft Class:

The making of Valentine Day cards occupied the members for a couple of sessions with lots of humorous banter but whether any cards were seriously exchanged is not known. But one session, although a bit messy, was devoted to our feathered friends by making a further batch of bird feeders.


An intruder?

One of our residents was initially quite startled the other night when about to get into bed. She saw this strange creature on top of the bed clothes. It turned out to be quite harmless but can you guess what it was?


A nurse’s tale:

One of her patients in hospital was an elderly lady who was most up-set one morning. She was expecting visitors in the afternoon and could not find her artificial eye (a glass eye as it used to be called). Complete searches under pillows, under bed covers and in her bedside locker were made by various members of staff without success. But later that morning, during the general wash-down, when the old lady was turned over to have her back washed, the “eye” was found nestling comfortably between the cheeks of her posterior and gazing fixedly up at the nurse.


Figure it out:

Here is a simple little puzzle for those whose arithmetic might be a little rusty. In the left-hand grid below, the numbers 1 to 9 are shown in random order but, using the grid on the right, try to re-arrange the numbers 1 to 9 so that each horizontal row, each vertical row and each diagonal row will add up to 15. It can be done.

To give you a start, the top horizontal row has been completed and, as you will see, adds up to 15. The complete answer will appear in the Gazette next month.


1 9 3

2 5 6

4 8 7


6 7 2

* * *

* * *


And finally:

The “strange creature” on the bed cover was — just a Banana.

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