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Wardside Gazette No. 13

May 2011 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

During last month we welcomed Miss Alexa Taylor from Auchterarder and Mrs Barbara Rodger from Balhousie, Dalnaglar Care Home, Crieff as permanent residents and hope they both quickly settle in. Also, Mrs Pettifer was with us for another period of respite. Mr Ronald MacDonald has moved to Erskine to be nearer to his family.




Congratulations and best wishes to all who had birthdays last month.



Sadly, we learned that Dr William Ramsey Steven died unexpectedly on 22th April whilst waiting to be released from a short stay in hospital and also that Professor Frank Fish, who had not been too well of late, passed away quite suddenly on 26th April.We offer our sincere condolences to both Mrs Stevens and family and to Frank’s family.



Hazel Roddis will be starting maternity leave with our very best wishes on 12th May. Emma Malloy has taken over duties as a care assistant and Rose Brown is expected back from her trip to Malasia.


Special Events in May.


Sunday 1st May. Church Service by Rev. William Ross at 2.30 pm.

Friday 6th May. Film Show at 2.30pm. See details below.

Friday 27th May Barbacue with Friends at 6pm. See invitation below.


Film Show:

The film this month on Friday 6th at 2.30 pm is The King’s Speech starring Colin Firth in the leading role. Tea/coffee and nibbles will be served.


Barbecue with Friends:

Marjorie and David and the Staff at Wardside House invite all residents and their families / friends to a barbecue on Friday 27th May at 6pm.


Easter Week-end:

On behalf of all residents may we express our thanks to Marjorie and David for their Easter card of best wishes and the very thoughtful gift of chocolate Easter eggs.


Joy Fund:

Once again the Joy Fund has been used for a good purpose by purchasing wicker surrounds to further enhance the grow bag plants along the front wall – also raised beds for growing vegetables and special grow bags for potatoes.


Reading Group:

The book being read at present is Jessie’s Journeys by Jessie Smith of Crieff. It relates to the life of ‘the traveling people’ while berry picking in Perth shire.


The Craft Class was introduced to a new activity – making Mexico Eye Gods.


The Quiz Night:

At the close of a recent session the class was given some ‘homework’ to make as many words as possible from the phrase GREENWICH MEAN TIME (words to be of three letters or more). This proved to be quite popular and we would be interested to know whether any of our Gazette readers could better our record score of 158 words.


Walking Aids in Dining Room:

In conjunction with Health & Safety Regulations walking Aids are now removed from the Dining Room while meals are being served. Due to the increasing number of Aids this is now required. It is hoped that everyone will be understanding and assist Staff by complying with this request. Staff will endeavour to return the walking aids as soon as possible.


A Resident’s Snippet.

Recently we learned that Ruth Cross had a proud experience.

In her younger days Ruth trained to be a cook at the ‘Dough’ School in Glasgow and later at the Royal Masonic Hospital in London. Her interest then turned to nursing and eventually qualified as State Registered Nurse. However, in 1969 she accepted an offer to take charge of catering at the Atomic Research Establishment in Dorset and remained there for 20 years. The highlight of her career came in 1969 when she had to prepare a luncheon for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh on their visit to the Establishment and Ruth is immensely proud of the fact that Buckingham Palace accepted her proposed menu without amendment.


Here is the Menu:

Salmon Mouse

Roast Loin of Dorset Lamb

Chateau Potatoes

Hazelnut Meringue

Petit Fours


Then a year later, she had to cater for a visit by Princess Anne. Well done Ruth!


The Royal Wedding:

We hope everyone enjoyed the BBC broadcast of the proceedings and, in our thoughts, conveyed our best wishes to the happy couple. Also that you enjoyed the special meals to suit the occasion and the appropriate decorations (some of which were made by the Craft Class). Our appreciation and thanks are due to both management and staff for a truly memorable day.

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