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Wardside Gazette No. 17

November 2011 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

There were no new permanent residents last month but Mr & Mrs J. Watson from London Links in Fife were with us for a week’s holiday. They did a bit of touring and thoroughly enjoyed their stay with us.




Congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Inglis, Phoebe Coull, Sandy Arthur, Stanley Fordham, and Eddie Ingram all of whom celebrated a birthday last month and we wish them many happy returns of their respective day.


Good wishes are conveyed to our joint editor Margery Neill who has been confined to her room for a time and we hope Margery that you will be fit and well again soon. You are being missed especially by the members of Craft Class and the Quiz Night.



Louise Torbett has started as a Care Assistant and we hope Louise settles in and soon gets aquainted with both staff and residents. The second half of the staff will attend the Red Cross First Aid training class on 3rd November and Margaret MacGregor and Barbara Nicholson will both attend a Care Home Activity Network Conference on 7th November.


The Musical Afternoon on Friday 15th was a great success. Harry MacFadyen (from the group – Music in Hospitals) had everyone foot-tapping to his extensive repertoire of Scottish songs and tunes. He was excellent. The Joy Fund – “Where did the dog bury it’s bone competition” has been drawn and the lucky winner who found the bone and gained the prize of £25 plus the dog was Cecelia Stevenson. Congratulations to Celia and, thanks to all who participated, the Joy Fund is now £75 richer.


The Joy Fund – “Christmas Cards”.

The order form with a sample card is still on the reception desk and residents who would be interested but not mobile enough to get to the reception area should feel free to ask any of the carers to bring the order form and sample to your room. The price is £1 for a pack of 4 cards each with an envelope.. .


The Craft Class meets as usual at 11am every Monday and Thursday and the Quiz Night at 7.00pm each Wednesday, both in the Garden Room. All interested residents will be welcomed.


Church Services in November.

Rev. William Ross on 6th November at 2.30pm.

Rev. Andrew Barton – date to be announced (not known at present)


Blythswood Shoebox Appeal was once again well supported and all donors are thanked for their generous and thoughtful gifts . The Craft Class has been able to hand over 5 well filled boxes and some loose items. Two members of the class, Margery Neill and Ursula Hubbard, are worthy of special mention for their skill and patience in knitting numerous baby outfits and baby dolls not only for the Blythswood Appeal and but also for young children in an Orphanage in Kenya.


And lastlly:


A mistaken identity.


As he stepped off the train at Kings Cross station, old Dougal was realising a life long ambition to visit London and, at the same time, was on a mission. He had just retired from being a postman in the highlands of Scotland and had undertaken to locate a young man by the name of Neilly Dunn on behalf of his worried mother. She had not heard from him since he left home six months ago and only knew that he had intended heading for an address in London WC1.


So, as Dougal was about to leave the station, he saw, by chance, a Direction Board which included WCs and he could hardly believe his luck so soon. Following the direction of the arrow lead him to a place in which there were two long rows of doors each with a number and he soon located number 1 and knocked sharply on the door. There was no answer but he sensed someone was in and shouted “Are you Neilly Dunn in there?” A very soft and timid voice came from within “Yes, but there is no paper”. “No paper!” “No paper!” said Dougal incredulously. “You’ve had six months to get paper and your mother is still waiting for a letter from you!”

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