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Wardside Gazette No. 27

December 2012 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

Mrs Elva Saunders from Kent joined us last month as a permanent resident and we hope, Elva, that you are settling in well. For periods of respite we have had Mrs Jane Hepburn from Auchterarder and, at present, Dr. Sheila Gray from Dunblane and we hope both will feel the better for their stay. We certainly enjoyed their company.




With much regret, we learned of the deaths of Mrs Joan Longdon, a resident for over six years, and Mrs MacAdam , a resident for four years. We offer our sincere condolences to both of their families and friends.


Good Wishes go to Pat Pettifer who celebrated her birthday last month.


Staff News:

One of our senior carers, Barbara Nicholson, has left for a combination of family reasons and further educational studies. All staff have been involved in intensive fire fighting training and each of them have been given the experience of extinguishing a small mock fire.


Craft Class and Quiz Night:

Throughout the year both of these ‘events’ have been thoroughly enjoyed by all residents who attend and Susie Oneill, who leads both, deserves our thanks and appreciation for her skills, patience and enthusiasm. She always has something new to craft or a different subject to test the little grey cells week after week.


Christmas Cards:

The availability of Christmas Cards has proved quite popular again this year as already over forty packs have been ordered. However the closing date for further orders will be Monday 3rd December after which mass production will commence and orders can be collected shortly afterwards.


Future Events during December


Sun. 2nd 2.30 pm. Church Service by Rev. W. Ross in Large Lounge.


Tue. 11th 6.30 pm Nativity Play in Church.


Fri. 14th 2.30 pm ‘Music in Hospital’ Concert in Large Lounge – kindly donated by Mrs. Arthur – Sandy Arthur’s wife.


Sun. 16th 4.00 pm Children’s Party in Large Lounge.


Mon. 17th 10.30 am Muthill Pre-School to entertain in the Garden Room.


Wed. 19th 11.00 am Muthill Primary School to entertain in Garden Room.


Thur. 20th 10.00 am Muthill Primary School Carol Service in Church.


Mon. 24th 6.00 pm Carol Singing in Large Lounge.


Tue. 25th 12.15 pm Church Service by Rev. A, Barton in Large Lounge. and at 12.45 pm Christmas Dinner in the Garden Room.


Annual Christmas Draw will take place during the Children’s Party on the 16th December. Tickets are available at £1 per Strip with all proceeds being allocated to the Joy Fund.


And Lastly:


A man named Hobson.


Wife, “Do you want dinner?”

Husband. “What are my choices?”

Wife. “Yes or no!”


Editorial Note.

This being the final edition of the Gazette for this year, the Editors wish everyone – Residents, Staff, Management and all Internet Readers – a joyous Christmas and the best of health and happiness throughout the coming year.

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