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Wardside Gazette No. 29

February 2013 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

Although there were no new permanent residents last month, Mr. and Mrs. Goodall from Muthill and Mrs. Johnstone from Auchterarder have been with us for periods of respite.




We were very sad to learn that Mrs. Mary Sharp, who has not been well for some time, passed away very peacefully on the 23rd of January. We offer our sincere condolences to her family and friends.



On 4th January, a very nice Service of Thanksgiving was held in Muthill St. James’ Church for the life Mrs. Joan Longden who died at Wardside House on 20th November 2012. Joan had been a resident for over six years, but due to her quiet and reserved nature, few of us were ever aware of her interesting and academic past. She was born of British parents in Tianjin – in northern China – where her father was the General Manager of a large coal mining company. However, due to an impending Japanese invasion, she and her sister were sent to a boarding school in Canada and thence to a university for their education. Eventually, back in the UK, Joan completed her studies at St. Andrews University for a degree in French and English which resulted in her securing a job in audience research with the BBC in London. In 1958 she married Cecil Longden, a vicar of Princetown on Dartmoor, and later had a family of a son and a daughter. On the death of her husband, she and her family moved to Crieff, where much of her time was spent working for the Samaritans – a charity about which she was passionate – until a series of falls and short stays in hospitals brought her to Wardside House.


Good Wishes go to Christine Hall who celebrated her birthday last month and also to Elva Saunders who at present is in hospital..


Staff News:

There will be a Staff Meeting on Friday 8th February.


Craft Class:

The members have been involved in making a small square patchwork design of a ‘Mountain Pansy’ which, when completed, will be sent to the Patchwork Meadow Project. It will then be sewn together with many other squares to create a Bayeux Tapestry for our times. This Patchwork Meadow Project is part of a wider European project with Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia called Wild Flower Europe.


Quiz Night continues to be popular and well attended. The subjects vary from week to week.


Burn’s Anniversary:

Lunch on Friday the 25th January took the form of a Burn’s Supper with Scotch Broth and Haggis, Neeps and Tatties complete with the ‘Address to the Haggis’ being given by Phoebe Coull, and then follow by a good helping of ‘Cloutie Dumpling’. An excellent meal suitable to the occasion!


Used Stamps:

Collectors will be interested to learn that , in addition to the 900+ stamps which you saved last year, we received from Mrs. Shirley Thomas, who is a frequent visitor to Wardside House, a massive package of foreign stamps and also stamps featuring ‘Birds’. As a result the package sent to the Leprosy Mission contained almost 2000 stamps. Our thanks and appreciation for such a thoughtful donation has been sent to Mrs. Thomas.


Forth coming events this month.


1st Feb. Church Service by Rev. Andrew Barton at 11am. in the Small Lounge.


3rd Feb. Church Service by Rev. William Ross at 2.30 pm in the Large Lounge.


6th Feb. Exhibition of Tatting in the Reception Area.


8th Feb. Residents Meeting at 11am in the Large Lounge.


The Exhibition of Tatting:

Our resident, Ursula Hubbard, in her younger days, was an expert in the art of Tatting and, when in England, was responsible for setting up a group of ladies who became known as the ‘Trent Tatters’. Later she moved to Wales and soon the ‘Gwynedd Tatters’ were formed and winning many competitions. Alas, failing eye-sight prevents her forming the ‘Wardside House Tatters’ but has very kindly agreed to display a selection of her past work in aid of our Joy Fund. Also some of her little tatted flowers have been incorporated in the Craft Class Patchwork ‘Mountain Pansy’.


The Residents Meeting on the 8th Feb is one that all residents should attend if able to do so. It gives the Management the opportunity to explain in detail any changes in procedures that have already been implemented or about to be introduced. Residents are free to comment and are encouraged to make proposals on any relative matters for consideration.


And Lastly:

A Sunday School teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds. After explaining the commandment to ‘honour’ thy Father and Mother, she asked ‘Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?’

From the back, one boy (probably the oldest of a family) answered, ‘Thou shall not kill’.

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