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Wardside Gazette No. 36

September 2013 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

We welcomed three new permanent residents last month – Dr Audrey Insch from Edinburgh and Mrs Jessie McLennan from Pittenweem, both having been here twice before for varying periods of respite, and Mrs Agnes McCallum from Crieff. We also had Mrs Elizabeth Carswell from St. Albans for a short period of respite and hope she enjoyed and found the benefit of her stay with us.



Good Wishes go to Isobel Martin who is in hospital and hopes to be back soon and to Christine Hall who has been in hospital and is back with us feeling much better.



Good wishes are extended to Margery Neill, Elva Saunders and Isobel Martin – all of whom celebrated birthdays last month and it is hoped they have many happy returns of the day.


Staff News:

Kate McNally joined the staff last month as a Domestic Assistant.


The Make Your Wish Come True Wish Tree:

The staff found that some of the wishes were not possible to fulfill but quite a number have already been granted and will be dealing with the remainder.


The Blooming Great Tea Party was a huge success. It was a splendid afternoon and enjoyed by all residents and friends who attended and the weather was perfect. The purpose of course was to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care and, thanks to everyone – residents, friends and members of staff – the marvelous sum of £290 was raised. Special thanks are due to the Staff for their organization, the splendid Tea and the Raffle prizes and also to the Craft Class for making the table decorations and bunting.


The Therapet Service:

We had another visit last month by the Rev. Richard Tuckley with his dog Barney. It was very much enjoyed and appreciated especially by the residents who were previously dog owners and are perhaps missing their company.


Our Japanese Tree:

Rather sadly, it’s normally massive white bloom turning to pink is definitely not going to happen this year – the berries are already formed.



On Sunday 1st September at 2.30 pm. by Rev. W. Ross Church of Scotland

On Friday 13th September at 11 am. by Rev. A. Barton Scottish Episcopal Church.




Beware of Scam Letters.

Here in Wardside House, a resident recently received a very convincing letter that the resident had won a large sum of money in a raffle.

The prize was £850,000 and would be released to the resident on payment of a fee, which would be a percentage of the winning sum, for their services. The percentage was not stated but, obviously, would be a considerable amount of money.


On taking advice, it transpired that the letter was a complete scam and, apparently, is not uncommon. If the release fee had been paid as requested, the resident would probably have received in return a dud cheque for the £835,000 and the money, paid for the release fee, lost and never to be seen again.


Should any resident or member of staff receive such a letter – do nothing. Report it immediately to the Deputy Manager Margaret MacGregor who now has literature on the subject that confirms this bogus practice.


And lastly:

Some earthly humour on a tombstone which reads —


“Remember man, as you walk by,

As you are now, once was I.

Remember this and follow me.”


To which someone replied in writing on the tombstone —


“To follow you I’ll not consent

Until I know which way you went.”

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