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Wardside Gazette No. 45

June 2014 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

50 months old


This is the 50th edition of WARDSIDE HOUSE GAZETTE. It was first published in May 2010. The original idea of a regular news-sheet for residents was the combined brainchild of Marjorie Burt and Margaret MacGregor and at a Residents Meeting the present editors were appointed. Neither of them had any previous journalistic experience, so the general format of small newspapers was adopted – ‘Hatches, Matches and Dispatches with general news items relating to Wardside House’. It is hoped that all readers found the contents to be beneficial and at times enjoyed a little humour.


New Residents:

Last month we welcomed Margaret Pulley from Comrie and Effie Baird from Edinburgh as permanent residents and can report that Flora Kirkland, who was here recently for a trial period, has come back on a permanent basis. Welcome back Flora! We also had Barry Barratt from Muthill for another period of respite.



Birthday Wishes are sent to Jean Davidson who celebrated a birthday last month, and wish her many happy returns of the day.


100 Years old


Margaret Pulley celebrated her 100th birthday on Sunday 12th May with an afternoon party and a huge birthday cake at the evening meal. She was delighted to receive her congratulatory card from the Queen and much amused when reading the Gazette editors’ birthday card which included the phrase ‘and many happy returns of the day’.


Good Wishes:

We welcome and express our good wishes to Professor David Flint who has now joined his wife, Dorothy, after his recuperation at St. Margarets Hospital in Auchterarder. We hope David that you settle in quickly and get to know all residents and staff.


Staff News:

Jill Milne and Charlotte Low have commenced training for SVQ Level 3.


Quiz Nights:

Susie continues to have a variety of interesting topics and questions to keep the brains from rusting and it is surprising how many answers, in fact, are correct.


A very useful Gift:

Asta Alexander has very kindly donated her Sewing Machine to Wardside House principally for use in the Craft Class. It has already been a great help in the assembly of the Bunting Triangles. Thank you – Asta.


Craft Class:

The concentration last month was the making and sewing together 132 Bunting Triangles for the Crieff project which hopes to beat the present record in the Guinness Book of Records. The sewing was found to be so much easier and faster by the new Sewing Machine and was a great help. The upper photograph on page 3 shows some of the members holding the centre portion which contains the words WARDSIDE HOUSE MUTHILL although the latter word is not seen. The lower photograph shows the organizer of the Crieff event, June MacEwan, who came one evening to collect it and expressed her delight and thanks for our contribution. She is confident that Crieff will break the present record of 6.2 miles.


The Musical Afternoon on Wednesday 14th was very much enjoyed and appreciated. The soloist was Alexandra Bear with pianist Mathew Brown.. Both were excellent and had a good variety of songs and music that we all knew.


Church Services

Rev A Barton of the Episcopal Church on Friday 18th July at 11am in the small lounge.

Rev K Buwert of the Church of Scotland on Tuesday 24th June in the large lounge


Make a Wish Tree:

This was very successful last year and Margaret MacGregor decided to have another. Residents have the opportunity to make a wish (one that is achievable), then write it on a card, and hang it on the ‘Make a Wish Tree’. It just might come true! The closing date is 15th June. Do not miss it!


700 Years ago


June 24th will be the anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn when, under the leadership of Robert Bruce, Scotland became an independent country. That was good in the years of continuous armoured conflict. However, the independence was not to last. Union of the Crown W With the Union of the Crowns in 1603 and Union of Parliaments in 1707, the United Kingdom eventually became a very peaceful and successful reality. In time , Southern Ireland (now Eire) broke away to become a small independent country now, allegedly, having a high cost of living.

Is Scotland going to follow suit in September 2014?


YES or NO !

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