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Wardside Gazette No. 49

April 2015 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

Last month there were no new permanent residents, nor anyone for respite, which is very unusual.




Catherine McQueen, Ursula Hubbard and Effie Baird all celebrated birthdays last month and we wish each of them many happy returns of the day.


Good Wishes:

Ursula Hubbard, Elva Saunders, Kathleen Hannigin and Jean Hepburn have all required visits to the hospital for differing reasons. Fortunately Ursula and Jean are already back with us again and we hope that Elva and Kathleen will be returning soon.



Sadly, we bade a sad farewell to John Alexander who died last month. He had not enjoyed the best of health for some considerable time but bravely kept on the move with much difficulty. A very nice Service in memory of John was held in the large lounge here at Wardside House on Monday 30th of March at !0-30am when our condolences were expressed to his family and friends.


Staff News:

Two new members of staff joined us last month – Linda Don and Christine Greer as Assistant Carers– both of whom have settled in very quickly.



Work is at present in progress to upgrade the radiators and also the Call System in wings 1 and 2. Both of these necessary works are being carried out with as little disturbance as is possible to residents. Additionally, work is about to commence decorating the reception area and the small lounge.


Quiz Nights:

Susie seems to have a great variety of interesting and well known themes which she chooses to start off with and it is amazing how difficult it is to recall answers to seemingly simple questions. Then it is on to general knowledge. These evenings are very pleasant – even if one did not know a single answer.


Craft Class:

Residents will have noticed and hopefully enjoyed the various Dining Room table decorations made by the class members in commemoration of St David’s Day (Wales), St Patrick’s Day (Ireland) and St George’s Day (England). And, finally, an Easter display located in the Reception area.


Church Services

Rev. K Buwert of the Church of Scotland on Tuesday 28th April at 2.30 pm in the Large Lounge.

A date for the Episcopal Church Service will be announced when known. (The Rev. Andrew Barton having moved to England, the congregation is still in the process of electing a new minister.)


Residents’ Meeting.

A meeting of residents will be held in the Large Lounge at 2.30pm on Friday 10th April for the purpose of giving the management the opportunity to explain any changes they consider would lead to further improvement. Residents will be free to comment, make alternative suggestions or even make new suggestions.


A Music in Hospital Concert will be held at 2.30 pm on Tuesday 21st April in the Large Lounge to which all residents are invited.


And lastly, a motoring poem about a ‘Satnav’. A Satnav is a gadget now fitted to most cars to guide the driver to any destination required without needing to look at a road map.


I have a little Satnav

It sits there in my car

A Satnav is a driver’s friend

It tells you where you are


I have a little Satnav

I’ve had it all my life

It does more than the normal one

My Satnav is my wife


It gives me full instructions

On exactly how to drive

“It’s thirty miles an hour” it says

“And your doing thirty five”


It tells me when to stop and start

And when to use the brake

And tells me that it’s never ever

Safe to overtake


It tells me when a light is red

And when it goes to green

It seems to know instinctively

Just when to intervene


I’m sure no other driver

Has so helpful a device

For when we leave and lock the car

It still gives its advice


It fills me up with counselling

Each journey’s pretty fraught

So why don’t I exchange it

And get a quieter sort?


Ah well, you see, it cleans the house

Makes sure I’m properly fed

It washes all my shirts and things

And – keeps me warm in bed.


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