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Wardside Gazette No. 54

April 2016 · Editor: Resident Andrew Hodge · Assisted by: Resident Audrey Insch

New Residents:

As he promised, Mr Fancis (Frank) Hood from St. Andrews has come back as a permanent resident and has settled in quite quickly. Additionally, Mrs Isobel Ritchie from Callandar and Mrs Hope Readman from Dunblane joined us last month as permanent residents and, although it takes time to get to know everyone, both seem to be perfectly happy with their new environment.




Congratulations and many happy returns of the day to resident


Catherine McQueen


She celebrated a birthday last month.


Staff News:

Norma Aday has left and her place has been taken over by Jacqueline McGraw who started last month.


Easter Celebrations:

The reception area and the dining room were very suitably decorated for Easter by members of staff with a little help by the Craft Class, The cooks provided the hot cross buns. Mr. and Mrs. Burt provided every resident with an Easter plant. Additionally, Andy Baillie, the son of an ex resident, very kindly donated a Chocolate Bunny Rabbit for each resident and member of staff. It was all very fitting at this special time and coincidentally concluded on Tuesday afternoon (29th March) with the Church Service in the large lounge. All very much appreciated and, on behalf of every resident, the Gazette expresses – ‘a big thank you’..


Craft Class:

With some of the new members attending, the class is growing in numbers which is good and to some degree makes it more interesting. One of the subjects tackled was drawing a small vase of flowers but the principal subject was creating and decorating a tree for Easter which, when completed, was located in the reception area where it was very much admired.


Quiz Night:

Wednesday evenings continue to be popular and fairly well attended. At the start, the questions are based on a particular subject, and then revert to general knowledge. It makes the evening interesting and you always learn something you did not know or perhaps had long forgotten.


The Residents Meeting, which was postponed last month, will be held on Thursday 14TH April at 2.30pm in the Large Lounge. Relatives are very welcome to attend.


The Musical Afternoon by Ian McGregor last month was, to say the least, disappointing compared with his previous visit. There was nothing wrong with his voice – he still is a wonderful singer – but the music equipment, which he uses to accompany him, kept breaking down and eventually he had to use a borrowed tape-recorder, all of which curtailed much of his programme.


Stamp Collecting:

The number of stamps which have been collected and placed in the used stamp box over the last few months is now quite considerable and soon will be sent to the Scottish Leprosy Mission to help in their fund raising. However, it is worth emphasizing again the requirement to leave plenty of envelope paper around all four sides of the stamps. The minimum accepted by the Stamp Dealers is 6 millimeters, which is equivalent to a quarter of an inch and each stamp has to be trimmed to not less than that standard before being sent off to the Mission. ‘A big thank you’ to all who help.


Church Service

Rev. K Buwert of the Church of Scotland on Tuesday 28 April at 2.30pm in the Large Lounge.

Everyone is welcome.


And finally:

It’s a proverb, thought to be Scottish, dating back many centuries and contains much wisdom in a few words, “If every man would mend a man , then all mankind would soon be mended”.


Imagine if we each helped just one person to get on the right track, and encouraged them to do the same. And they did the same. And then …. Now, wouldn’t that be the start of something big?

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