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Wardside Gazette No. 55

June 2016 · Editor: Resident Andrew Hodge · Assisted by: Resident Audrey Insch

New Residents:

There were no new residents last month either for respite or for permanency.



Staff News:

Sarah Mitchell has started as a care assistant and Kasia Burak as a cleaner and both have settled into their respective duties very well.


In Hospital:

Valerie Oliphant is in hospital at present but is likely to be back with us quite soon and hopefully feeling better.


Quiz Nights continue to be popular and looked forward to by those who attend regularly. Susie has a huge amount of interesting questions which always have obvious and interesting answers which you generally know but cannot recall.


Craft Class:

At present, the main concentration is on the village Scarecrow Competition. This year our chosen theme is ‘The Queen of Hearts’ since it is a special year for our Majesty. So, under the direction of Susie, the class is busy making a suitable effigy which will be surrounded by red hearts of all sizes. When completed, the scene will be assembled at the side of the street adjacent to the entry to Wardside House and it is hoped, on the 25th of June, the competition judges will be impressed.


Cook’s Meetings:

There is no doubt that all of the food served is of the best quality cooked or baked by our three excellent cooks. But the reason for the cook’s meetings each Wednesday morning is to find out and record residents’ likes and dislikes in order to adjust menus, if possible, to suit individual tastes. So, attendance at the meeting is in the residents’ own interests. Residents who are not able to attend such meetings should feel free to ask a member of staff to pass any request they may have to the cook.


The Queen’s Official Birthday is on Saturday 11th June and to celebrate the special occasion, lunch will be served in the Garden Room similar to the actual Birthday Lunch. The official celebration of course will be held in London with the Trooping of the Colours which can be seen on the television in the afternoon.


The Terrace Front Wall:

The baskets have all been replanted and, hopefully in this special year, the plants will produce a long line of eye catching red, white and blue flowers.


A Musical Afternoon (thanks to the Joy Fund) was held in the Large Lounge on Tuesday 25th May by the Music in Hospital couple – Alexandra Barr, soprano, and Bob Simans, pianist, – and was very much enjoyed. They treated us to a great selection of well known songs we were able to join in. To give Alex a rest, Bob gave us a rendition on the piano which was excellent. They are both superb performers. Bob also congratulated Wardside House on the quality of its piano.


The Great Big Blooming Tea Party will be held on Thursday 7th July at 3pm. It is generally held out on the terrace in front of the Garden Room and residents can invite their families and friends. It has become a very enjoyable annual event. The principal purpose is to raise donations of money for a very worthy cause – Marie Curie. As it is well known, it is an organization that provides specialist Nurses to look after people with a terminal illness in the comfort of their own home. Let us hope that the sun will shine on the day with no need to move indoors.


Stamp Collecting:

A letter of thanks has been received from The Leprosy Mission Scotland and the following is an abbreviated extract. “Thank you for collecting so many stamps. You are supporting people like Dilip. Because of leprosy, Dilip was expelled from school and denied the right to education. His future looked bleak, until he heard about Bankura Vocational Training Centre. Thanks to people like you, who collect stamps, Dilip was given a scholarship to attend Bankura. He was overjoyed at being allowed to learn where leprosy is not an issue and does not deny him an education. He is training to be a welder to support himself and his mother who also has leprosy. Ultimately he wants a better future for his family in a society where having leprosy is not treated as an outcast, but accepted”. So, keep on collecting our Stamps – we are doing our bit however little.


Church Service

Rev. K Buwert of the Church of Scotland on Tuesday 28th of June at 2.30pm in the large lounge.

All are welcome.


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