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Wardside Gazette No. 8/05

May 2017 · Editor: Resident Andrew Hodge · Assisted by: Resident Audrey Insch

New Residents:

Mr and Mrs Leslie -George and Jean- from Auchterarder have joined us as new residents and we hope they both settle in quickly and in time get to know all of the present residents and members of staff. Mrs Claire MacKenzie and Mrs Olive Bothwick are both having short periods of respite and it is hoped they are both enjoying their stay and feeling the better for it.




Congratulations and many happy returns of the day are wished to –


Mrs Ann Cooper 



Sadly, we have to report that Mrs Hope Readman died last week after a short illness.     


Hospital Visit:

Unfortunately Bob Carswell was in hospital last month but we are pleased to report that he is back with us again and hope he is recovering well.


Cook’s Meetings on Wednesday mornings, as always, give residents the opportunity to express their satisfaction or otherwise with the meals. There were no complaints but several residents had suggestions which the cook accepted and noted for the future.


Staff  News:

Margaret MacGregor, the Assistant Manager, has had her operation on her foot and we  wish her a speedy recovery. Diane Henny is going on maternity leave on 12th May.


Craft Class:

As reported last month, a supply of imitation bees is needed by Muthill Primary School for their Muthill in Bloom Garden Project and members of the Craft Class and many residents and members of staff have knitted 72 woollen bees. The hive, which we understand is being donated to the school by Mr. and Mrs Burt, will need to be a big one to accommodate them.


The class was also involved in the painting of a large Poppy and two smaller ones for the Crieff Council. They will be on display during Armistice Day in memory of the many Crieff soldiers who were killed – especially at the battle of Passchendaele during World War I.


Easter Hat Competition:

This was a combined Staff and Resident affair to see who could make the best Easter Hat with all the trimmings. And they did well! A wonderful collection of colourful hats was displayed along the reception desk for all to admire and to judge the best. And the winning hat was made by resident Audrey Lungmuss.


Quiz Night each Wednesday evening is still as popular as ever. It is a very pleasant evening pastime in which you can enjoy – even if you don’t know the answer to any of the questions. The questions are addressed to the group for anyone to answer. It is most interesting and you learn something you either did not know or had forgotten.



On several Sunday afternoons we were well entertained by young violinists. On six Sundays during March and April, Rose Logan played a variety of classical music working towards achieving her Duke of Edinburgh Award. And, on other occasions, Maya Christie, daughter of carer Louisa Christie, also entertained us. Maya has been distinguished as the musician of the year at her school for her achievement on grade 5/6 of her violin. Both of them were excellent and very much appreciated.


Church Service

Rev. Ann Ballantyne of the Church of Scotland

On Tuesday 30th May 2017 at 2.30pm. in the large lounge.

All are welcome.


A Musical Concert  will be held in the large lounge on Wedneday 3rd May at 2-30pm. 


In conclusion:

A little poem appropriate to the month of April.     Auther:  Kathleen Gillum


There is a little secret place

That leads down to a stream,

Where primroses and daffodils  

In springtime blush unseen.

Where fairy-fingered foxgloves bloom

Their steeples straight and tall,

And buttercups and toadstools grow

Beside a crumbling wall.


And humble bees and butterflies

Sip nectar from the flowers,

The shy fish in the singing stream

Bask in the sunny hours.

It really seems quite magical

Though wild and overgrown,

For nature has endowed it with

A beauty all its own.

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