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Wardside Gazette No. 8/6

June 2017 · Editor: Andrew Hodge · Assisted by: Resident Audrey Insch

New Residents: We welcomed Mr Robert Rutherford from Deanston as a new permanent resident and he is already settled in and happy with his new abode. For periods of respite we welcomed Mrs Evelyn Scott from Bridge of Earn, Mrs. Nancy Stalker from Bride of Allan and, once again, Mrs Olive Bothwick, and hope they all enjoyed their stay and feel the better for it.

Birthdays: Congratulations and many happy returns of the day are wished to –

Mrs Ruth Manton


Death: Sadly, we have to report two deaths this month. Mrs Irene Scobie and Professor David Flint – both of whom have been residents for several years. On behalf of all Residents and members of staff we express our sincere condolences to their respective families and friends.


Cook’s Meetings on Wednesday mornings, as always, give residents the opportunity to express their satisfaction or otherwise with the meals and, at the same time give the cooks an opportunity to learn of resident likes and dislikes.


Staff News: We are glad to report that Deputy Manager Margaret MacGregor is back on duty again. Her foot operation has been successful and is now in the healing process. All members of staff are having a session in fire training. They also had a Parkinson’s training session with another planned for in August.


Craft Class: As reported last month, a supply of imitation bees is needed by Muthill Primary School for their Muthill in Bloom Garden Project and members of the Craft Class and many residents and members of staff have knitted 72 woollen bees. The hive, which we understand is being donated to the school by Mr. and Mrs Burt, will need to be a big one to accommodate them.
The class was also involved in the painting of a large Poppy and two smaller ones for the Crieff Council. They will be on display during at a special ceremony in memory of the many Crieff soldiers who were killed during World War I, especially at the battle of Passchendaele, and also those who died in World War II.

The Front Wall will look very tidy this year. The old wicker baskets have been replaced by long wooden boxes specially made by Mr. David Burt and the flowering plants are already planted. By summertime it will be a long mass of brilliant colours.


Quiz Night each Wednesday is a very pleasant evening pastime in which you can enjoy – even if you don’t know the answer to any of the questions.


A Concert: On Friday 23rd of June at 4-30 pm, Maya Christie and her teacher will entertain us with a number of violin solos and possibly duets. Maya (who is carer Louisa’s daughter) has played to us before and was excellent. So, along with her teacher, this will be good and should not be missed.


Church Service
Rev. K. Buwvert of the Church of Scotland
On Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 2.30pm. in the large lounge.
All are welcome.


“And the next stop’s Kirkcaldy” is a well know Scottish phrase which is usually said when there is just one minor thing more to be done to finish a job. Obviously it has originated from the following poem which has, very kindly, been made available by our new resident Robert Rutherford
Our residents from south of the border will probably need some help with this one.



The Boy in the Train by Mary Campbell Smith

1. Whit wey does the engine say “Toot-toot” 3. Is yon the mune I see in the skye?
Is it feart to gang in the tunnel ? It’s awfu’ wee an’ curly,
Whit wey is the furnace no put oot See! there’s a coo and a cauf ootbye,
When the rain gangs doon the funnel? An’ a lassie pu’in’ a hurly!
What’ll I hae for my tea the nicht? He’s chackit the tickets and gein them back,
A herrin’, or maybe a haddie? Sae gie me ma ain yin, Daddy,
Has Gran’ma gotten electric light? Lift doon the bag frae the luggage rack
Is the next stop Kirkcaddy? For the next stop’s Kirkcaddy!

2. There’s a hoodie- craw on yon turnup-raw! 4, There’s a gey wheen boats at the harbour mou’
An’ seagulls! – sax or seeven. And eh! dae ya see the cruisers?
I’ll no fa’ oot o’ the windae, Maw, The cinnamon drop I was sookin’ the noo
Its snecket, as sure as I’m leevin’ Has tummelt an’ stuck tae ma troosers…
We’er into the tunnel! We’re a’ in the dark! I’ll sune be ringin ma Gran’ma’s bell,
But dinna be fricht, Daddy, She’ll cry, ‘Come ben, my laddie’,
We’ll sune be comin’ to Beveridge Park, For I ken mysel’ by the queer – like smell
And the next stop’s Kircaddy! That the next stop’s Kirkcaddy!

(Kirkcaldy –pronounced ‘Kirkoddy’- is a Fifeshire town on the east coast of Scotland where there was a factory that manufactured linoleum, a process that created a peculiar smell. It was very noticeable when entering the area but the factory is now no longer in business and the smell has gone.).

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