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Wardside Gazette No 9/12

February 2018

New Resident: Mrs Ruth Paterson from Callander has joined us and we hope Ruth that you are settling in and gradually getting to know the general routine, the members of staff and all of the permanent residents.

Respite: Irene Scott and Nan Christie both went home after spells of respite and we hope they both enjoyed their short stay with us and have felt the better for it.

Birthdays: Congratulations and many happy returns of the day were wished to –

Jessie MacLennan               and           George Leslie

Both of whom celebrated birthdays last month.

Jessie is still in hospital and we hope she will soon be fit and back with us again.

Deaths: Very sadly, we have to report the deaths of Miss Nancy Stalker and Mr David Hunter. We express our condolences to their respective families and most especially to Mrs Ruth Hunter who, at present, is still resident with us. Her husband, David, had served 30 years in the Aberdeen Police Force rising to Chief Inspector and later became the Welfare Officer to the Police Federation.

Cook’s Meetings: which are held at 10-30am each Wednesday, are enjoying better attendances lately which is welcomed by the cooks. It gives them the opportunity to learn of each resident’s likes and dislikes and allows them to vary the menus accordingly.
Craft Classes: are held on Monday and Thursday mornings at 11am.The concentration lately has been on suitable table decorations for special days such as Burn’s Day last month. But the subjects tackled are varied and, with the expert guidance by Susie, are not difficult and provides some exercise to the fingers and the brain.

Quiz Nights: The number of residents attending is gradually increasing and the evening is being looked forward to. None of the questions are difficult – it is just a case of jogging the memory – and it is amazing the number of answers that you would have known when they are revealed. It is, thanks to Susie the question mistress, always a very enjoyable evening.

Exercise Class: Now another star has risen, let us call her Gloria Broadfoot. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, she appears on the big TV screen in the large lounge and calls to us “Move it or Lose it” – a challenge hard to accept. Some say we have done all this before – it is kids stuff – but if we watch people on television training for sports of any kind – even the Olympics – one thing is certain the same exercise will be done over and over again to build up muscles and strength. They will move it or lose it and so should we.

Each of the classes is held in the Large Lounge starting at 4pm and finishing at 5pm.
Church Services

Rev. Tracy Dowling of the Scottish Episcopal Church

On Tuesday 13th February at 11am in the large lounge.

Rev. K. Buwert of the Church of Scotland

On Tuesday 27th February. at 2.30pm. in the large lounge.


The Minister’s Cat. (as told in a village church magazine).

The Minister had a kitten that climbed up a tree in his back yard and then was afraid to come down. He coaxed it with some milk, but to no avail. The kitten would not move. The tree was not sturdy enough for him to climb so he decided to try bending it over by tying a rope to the tree and the other end to his car. But, alas, as he slowly moved the car forward a bit too far, the rope broke and the tree went ‘bong’ and the kitten sailed out of sight. The Minister felt terrible and toured the village trying to find it – but nobody had seen a stray kitten.

A few days later he was in the village store and met one of his church members whom he noticed was buying some cat food and said to her “I didn’t know you had a cat”. “No” she replied “I didn’t until a few days ago and, Minister, you will not believe this”. She went on to relate that her young child had been continually begging to get a cat until eventually she relented and said “Well, if God gives you a cat, I will let you keep it”. She told the Minister “I watched the little child go to the yard, get to her knees and asked for a cat. And really Minister, you will not believe this, but I saw it with my own eyes. A kitten suddenly came flying out of the sky with its paws outspread, and landed right in front of her”.

Never underestimate the power of God and His sense of humour.

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