The accommodation couldn’t be more welcoming.

We offer a wide range of services and facillities


Wardside’s owners, David and Marjorie Burt, had a clear vision.

They wanted to offer older people purpose-built accommodation that combined hotel-quality facilities, comfort and service with a positive care package.

At the same time, they wanted to create a luxurious care home in which they themselves would be happy to live.

You won’t find any ‘institutional’ uniforms or regimented meal times at this nursing home. Instead, residents can enjoy their breakfast in their rooms at a ‘civilized’ hour, join in a range of activities if they like and explore the grounds and Muthill in Perthshire beyond at their leisure.

We also have an open door policy as well as open visiting hours.


All our staff are fully qualified, as you’d expect.

What may surprise you is that we have more staff than residents. Why? So that we can provide you with the very best care possible – the level of care we’d like to experience in our later years and that Wardside House has become famous for.

Most of our team have been with us for years and we have a general policy of not employing agency staff, since no one knows the residents like we do.