Frequently Asked Questions

One of the attractions of Wardside House is that we lay on everything for you.

Choosing a residential care home is a big decision. Is there any way you can try before you buy?

Yes, we encourage all potential residents to come for a month’s trial. We’re delighted to report that everyone who has sampled Wardside House has gone on to stay.

What about respite care? Can people stay for shorter periods?

Absolutely. Quite a few of our ‘temporary’ residents stay for a couple of weeks each year while their families take a summer break. Many go on to move here permanently.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. Besides the weekly tariff, the only other charges we make are for your phone calls, sundries like newspapers and shopping, the hairdresser and chiropodist. Unlike some other care homes, everything else like wine with your meal or additional care if you become more dependent is included in the price.

How long does it take to settle in?

That depends on the individual. What we do find is that, for most people, moving into Wardside House gives them a new lease of life. For the first time in years, they’re mixing with people of a similar age who share the same memories and experiences.

When’s the ‘right’ time to move?

That’s really a question for you, your family and your doctor. All we would say is that the people who explore the options and make a conscious decision to go for Wardside House settle in the best and enjoy their time here the most.

What kind of healthcare will I receive?

Our fully qualified nursing staff provide you with what we call patient-centered care. First, we will establish your individual needs; then we’ll devise a care plan to suit. We’ll review this every six months, or more often if required.

Why do people prefer owner managed care homes like Wardside House?

Speed of response is the key thing. Because Marjorie and David are on hand all the time, any queries or problems can be resolved straightaway rather than waiting for them to escalate up the bureaucratic chain.