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Paying for Care; looking at the options

October 19 · Editor: David Burt

When you're considering the type of care you - or someone else - may need, there's lots to think about.

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5 things to consider when choosing a Care Home

September 19 · Editor: Lucy Harvey

The idea of nursing home placement is something most of us don’t even want to consider at first. However, we can’t all offer full-time in-home care and care homes can really be the best option when someone needs 24-hour, high-quality care.

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Beautiful Gardens

August 19 · Editor: Lucy Harvey

Right on our doorstep we have the most beautiful Drummond Gardens. Why not pay them a visit?

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Active minds….

July 19 · Editor: Lucy Harvey

The importance of keeping one's mind active.


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Can the elderly laugh away the flu?

June 19 · Editor: Lucy Harvey

How funny is he? Laughter may well prove to be the best medicine but scientists are studying whether comedian Michael McIntyre is hilarous enough to make elderly laugh away the flu.


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