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Wardside Gazette No. 12

April 2011 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

In final week of March we welcomed Dr Elizabeth Sloan from Comrie and Mr Ronald Macdonald from Broughty Ferry as permanent residents and we hope they quickly settle in and gradually get to know us all. For periods of respite we had Mrs Lorrimer and, once again, Mr David Erskine.




Congratulations to Edith Dahl and Catherine MacQueen who celebrated their birthdays during March and we wish them both many happy returns of the day.



We welcomed back Marri Scott who, after a prolonged absence, has returned fit and well– and without crutches. Cathie Cramb has left to start her own cleaning business and we wish her well and every success. Nicola Ozkan will be starting maternity leave on 15th April and, needless to say, with our best wishes. Lynda Pryde has taken over duties as a care assistant and Sheila Swanston similarly as a cleaner.


Future Events in April.


Sunday 3rd April. Church Service by Rev. William Ross at 2.30 pm.

Friday 8th April. Film Show at 2.30pm. See details below.

Friday 24th April. Church Service by Rev. Andrew Barton at 11 am.

Every Tuesday Reading Group by Mrs Shirley Thomas at 3pm. See details below.

Friday 29th April. The Royal Wedding Day. See details below.


Film Show:

Following the success of the Musical Afternoon last month it was decided, for a change, to have a film which would of interest to all. The title is “The Queen” with Helen Mirren playing the title role. About half way through there will be a break for tea/coffee and nibbles.


Reading Group:

This is a new venture which has been proposed and undertaken by Mrs Shirley Thomas. It should be of interest mainly to those whose sight is impaired but everyone is invited to join in. It will be held in the Lounge where Shirley hopes to spell-bind you all with an interesting story each week.


The Royal Wedding:

On that day, everyone is invited to view the whole of the proceedings on the large screen television in the Lounge if they so wish..


Regular Events.

The Craft Class was busy making artificial flowers a few weeks ago and, by chance, one was made having a white centre with red and blue petals. This sparked off an idea for the Royal Wedding and – guess what – the Dining Room tables that day will be appropriately adorned.

The Quiz Night continues to be looked forward to by those who attend regularly. Susie keeps us guessing and brains working in order to answer her questions – where she gets them all is a mystery.

The Cook’s Meetings are fairly well attended and as expected there are likes and dislikes that are expressed and which the cook takes note. But generally everyone enjoys the standard of meals provided.


Last Month’s Puzzle:

Did you figure it out? Here is the answer:-

6 7 2

1 5 9

8 3 4

The rows in all directions add up to 15.


And lastly – just for your amusement.


Two fishermen were out on the loch one Sunday morning. As they sat with their rods, the distant sound of church bells came floating on the still air.. “Hear that” said one. “We really ought to be in church.”

“Oh, I couldn’t go anyway” said the other. “My wife is in bed ill.”


Two men got talking at a race meeting. “I had the most amazing experience here, exactly five years ago” said one. “It was the fifth of May, at five o’clock, the fifth race of the day, and I backed a horse at five to one.”

“Excuse me, but that’s exciting!” said Phoebe who overheard, “How much did you win?”

“Nothing” was the reply. “It came in fifth.”


Making babies:

When collecting her daughter from school, the mother asked “What have you been doing at school today?”

“We’ve learned about making babies,” the seven year-old answered.

The mother cringed and tried to keep calm.

“It’s ever so easy when you know how,” continued her daughter innocently. I’m sure it is the mother thought. “Were you all in the class together” she asked. “Oh yes,” answered the daughter. ”The teacher explained it on the blackboard and we all had a go at it.”

The mother couldn’t contain herself any longer and asked if the boys were there as well. “Oh yes,” the daughter answered. “We all did it at the same time and a boy and I did it together.” “And how did you do it?” asked the mother waiting to hear the worst. “Oh you leave off the ‘y’ and add ‘ies’. It’s ever so easy isn’t it?” Mother sighing with relief could only say “Yes, I follow now.”


And lastly:


Said a resident about last month’s Gazette

“That article was the funniest yet.

I have laughed all night

and must now be a sight

‘cause my ‘whats-its’ are all soaking wet”.


Foot note:

Well it was difficult find words to rhyme with “Gazette”

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