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Wardside Gazette No. 32

May 2013 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

There were no new permanent residents last month but we had three residents for periods of respite – Mrs Orr from Weem, and, for their second visits, Miss Jessie McLennan from Pittenweem and, Dr. Audrey Inch from Edinburgh. All seemed to have enjoyed their stay and hopefully we may see them again in the future.



Good Wishes and many returns of the day are extended to Mrs Hepburn who celebrated a birthday last month.


Miss Bishop who died in March after only five months residence at Wardside House was of a very private nature and few residents, if any, ever met her. Apparently, however, she had been a very keen gardener and photographer and the friends who acted as her executors have presented to Wardside House an album full of photographs of all types of flowers she had grown over the years. The album has been placed in the reception area and can be viewed by all interested residents and members of staff.


‘Hello Dolly’, the film show held in the large lounge on Friday 19th April was very much enjoyed by all who attended and the drinks and nibbles served by the staff during the interval was much appreciated. Absentee residents missed a very entertaining afternoon.



Tammy, our usual hairdresser, will on holiday during all of this month but staff member Dana Ward, who is a qualified hairdresser, has agreed to take on the hairdressing duties each Thursday morning during Tammy’s absence.


The Quiz Night meets each Wednesday evening in the Garden Room and helps to keep the brain and its memory in good trim.


The Craft Class meets on the mornings of Monday and Thursday also in the Garden Room. A few weeks ago we were asked by Muthill Primary School to enter an Easter Bonnet Competition and we accepted the challenge. A top hat was made, suitably decorated with Easter flowers, eggs and chickens and duly sent to the school. Much to our surprise, the hat was returned along with a certificate which read “Congratulations. You have won “THE MOST ORIGINAL” in the Easter Bonnet Competition. The certificate is awarded to Wardside”. So you see, the Craft Class members are not just pretty faces. Among other ventures, we will soon be open to suggestions for a suitable theme for the Muthill Scarecrow Competition.


Forthcoming Events this month.


In the Large Lounge

Every Saturday at 2.30pm. Church Service by the Seven Day Adventist Church

On Sunday 5th May at 2.30 pm. Church Service by Rev. W. Ross, Church of Scotland.


(Please Note:- As Rev. A. Barton is on holiday this month, there will be no Episcopal Church Service.)


And lastly.


Mirror, mirror on the wall!


1. I look in the mirror

and what do I see

a strange looking person

that cannot be me.


2. Fot I am much younger

and not nearly so fat

as that face in the mirror

I am looking at.


3. Oh. whre are the mirrors

that I used to know

like the ones which were

made thirty years ago.


4. Now all things have changed

and I’m sure you will agree

mirrors are not as good

as they used to be.


5. So never be concerned,

if wrinkles appear

for one thing I’ve learned

which is very clear


6. Should your complexion

be less than perfection

it really is the mirror

that needs correction!!

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