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Wardside Gazette No. 41

February 2014 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

We welcomed Mrs Edith Barnes from Tynemouth, Nothumberland as a permanent resident last month and we hope, Edith, that you are settling in and gradually getting to know all of us. For a short period of respite we also welcomed Mrs Mary Stuart, from Perth, and, to quote her own words, she enjoyed her stay very much.



Birthday Wishes are sent to Jessie MacLennan, Agnes MacCallum and Christine Hall who all celebrated birthdays last month.



We were sorry to learn the sudden death of Les. Fox shortly after being taken to hospital and our thoughts and sympathy are expressed to Cath, his wife, and his family and friends.


Staff News:

Shannon Cumming, our trainee cook, has been attending a course at Perth College and has been awarded two City & Guilds certificates in Culinary Skills – one for a Written Examination and the other for Practical Course Work. Well done Shannon!


A Brain Teaser:

It has been suggested that the Gazette should contain a competition of some sort that would exercise our brains and prevent them from rusting. So, let’s give it a trial. Below are a number of items of food that we have eaten at meal times but, in each case, the letters are not in the right order. In the space below each item, write what you think it should be. Then cut along the dotted line, put your name and room number on the back, and send it to the Deputy Manager – Margaret McGregor. A prize will be given to the correct entry. If there is more than one correct entry , the winner will be decided by a ‘draw from the hat ’.


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Exercise Classes:

In past years, light exercises classes were held twice weekly but gradually attendances dwindled until all interest was lost. However at the request of Audrey Insch, who felt it was in her interest and everyone else’s interest to have regular exercise, it has been agreed to revive the class on a regular basis. Consequently, the first class was held on Wednesday 22nd and repeated on Friday 24th and, on both occasions, were fairly well attended and enjoyed. It has been agreed to continue on every second day. So, the Class has been re-established and is open to every resident who is interested and able to attend.


Craft Class:

The subjects last month were quite varied. Firstly it was lanterns, then it was elephants and finally a greetings card with a ‘red red rose’ design appropriate to Burns’ anniversary. Susie certainly keeps the class busy.


Quiz Nights:

The numbers attending is gradually increasing which is an indication of how interesting and enjoyable this evening can be. As has been said before, the questions are not really difficult – it is the answers that are known deep within the brain but often difficult to recall. The result is a pleasant and enlightening evening.


Used Stamps:

With some assistance from an outside source, a very large number of British and foreign stamps have been collected and sent to the Leprosy Mission of Scotland which is a charity that does great work and help to those suffering from this dreadful disease.


Burns Day:

In honour of the Bard, the lunch on 25th January, the menu consisted of Scotch Broth – Haggis, Neeps and Tatties – and Cranachan including, at the appropriate time, an address to the haggis by Phoebe Coull.


Church Services:

On Tuesday 25th Februry at 2.30pm a service will be held in the large lounge by Rev.K. Buwert of the Church of Scotland and on Friday 7th March a service will be held in the small lounge by Rev A. Barton of the Episcopal Church.


Lastly, in the Gazette last month the Editors invited Residents, if they wished, to share a passed experience of interest that they may have had and Phoebe Coull has sent in this true short story.

“There was a little four year old Muthill boy visiting a resident one day when Yuri Gagarin flew into space.

The resident said “Sandy, there was a man flew into space yesterday” to which he replied “Well he never cumed up this wey, cos I was ootside a’ day.

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