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Wardside Gazette No. 43

April 2014 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

There were no new permanent residents last month but we welcomed Mr Barry Barrat from Muthill, Mrs Isobel Johnstone from Milngavie, Glasgow and Miss Isobel Dow from Callander for periods of respite and hope they all enjoyed their stay with us.



Birthday Wishes are sent to Mrs L. Noble and Miss Catherine MacQueen who both celebrated birthdays last month.


Good Wishes:

With a mixture of regret and understanding we have to report that in a few days time Cath Fox will be leaving us and moving to a care home in the vicinity of her family in the south of England. Although we will miss her, it is a sensible move to make. We wish you well, Cath, and that you quickly settle into your new home. No doubt, your families will be delighted.



We were extremely sorry to learn of the death of Dr. Stanley Fordham while he was in hospital. Stanley, a very quiet and learned gentleman, had been a resident for nearly four years and, in a few months time, would have been 100 years of age. Despite his disability, he always maintained a quiet dignity and had a smile for everyone.


Staff News:

All Staff had two training sessions on Moving & Handling and, later in the month, on the subject of Parkinsons Disease. Margaret McPherson and Mairi Scott attended a Strength & Balance Training Day in Perth – to assist residents with walking difficulties and exercises.


Last month’s Competition was not a great success. Only eight entries were received and some totally misunderstood that only four-letter words each containing the letter ‘i ’were required. But it is congratulations to the winner – Phoebe Coull – who had 21 correct words and received the prize of a box of chocolates. However, it has been decided to discontinue the competition meantime until a simpler one can be found that might encourage more residents to take part.


Quiz Nights:

Before starting our Quiz on the evening of Wednesday the 19th, the class held a minute’s silence in remembrance of Stanley Fordham who had passed away that day. Stanley, in his own quiet way, was a very intelligent and enthusiastic member and didn’t miss many Quiz evenings.


Craft Class:

Last month kept the members busy making a variety of items. Firstly it was Gift Bags – then, for St. Davids Day, it was leeks and a dragon – and, for St. Patricks Day, it was Shamrocks. Now, they are making a length of bunting that will be incorporated in a Crieff project which will have bunting all around the town.


Church Services

Rev A Barton of the Episcopal Church on Friday 20th April at 11am in the small lounge.

Rev K Buwert of the Church of Scotland on Tuesday 29th April at 2.30pm in the large lounge.


Residents contributions:

In the January Gazette, a suggestion was made that residents might wish to share an interesting story or incident that they had experienced and as a result three were received, two of which can be accommodated in this issue while the other will be saved for the May issue.


With the coming of Spring.


Spring with its birds – Robins trill and call. Chaffinches chirp and squeak. Tits tut-tut and shout. Thrushes sing to our hearts. Blackbirds battle for mates. But here we are besieged by rooks – often called crows, a generic name, or corbies, a Scottish name. They’re building nests in the Y shapes made by side branches growing off the main branches. The high winds of early March – in like a lion, out like a lamb – agitated some birds. I noticed one nest being built that simply vanished. The soft furnishings are supplied by beak fulls of dead leaves for the arrival of the chicks. Another seasonal cycle is starting. AI.


And lastly:

We did not know we had a resident poet in our midst. Here is a poem selected from an album full of poems written by Asta Alexander. It is was considered appropriate to ‘us oldies’ at Wardside House and a nice ending to the Gazette.


The Sun Through Our Life.


When we are growing older,

We think the day is done,

Don’t notice all the beauty,

In the evening sun.


We think about the morning,

In the newly risen sun,

As children we are playing,

And having lots of fun.


We think about the midday,

When the sun is bright and hot,

Then we were in our prime of life,

And doing quite a lot.


We think about the afternoon,

When the sun is not too high,

Though still both warm and pleasant,

But we find time getting by.


And when at last the evening comes,

We think the day is done,

But look at nature’s beauty,

In the the evening sun.


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