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Wardside Gazette No. 47

August 2014 · Editor: Resident Margery Neill and Resident Andrew Hodge

New Residents:

Last month we welcomed Mr Iain Murray-Thomson from Comrie as a new permanent resident and we hope Iain that you are settling in and gradually getting to know us all. Also, we welcomed Mrs Valerie Oliphant from Upper Largo and Miss Barbara Barr from Motherwell for periods of respite and hope both will feel the better for it.



Birthday Wishes are sent to Catherine Stevens and Barbara Rodger, who both celebrated a birthday last month, and wish them many happy returns of the day.


Good Wishes are expressed to two of our residents this month. To Asta Alexander and Dorothy Flint both of whom have been in hospital for short periods and hope they are now feeling much better.



Mrs Margaret Lorimer, who had not been in the best of health for some time, sadly passed away during the early part of last month and we express our sorrow and condolences to her relatives.


Staff News:

Zoe Clark has commenced studies in SVQ Level 2 and we wish her well. Gail Speedie has completed SVQ Level 2 and received her certificates. Sadly, Cara Allan is leaving to go back to Shetland and we hope this is temporary. We will miss her and wish her well in the future.


Cooks Meetings:

For the benefit of new residents, the cooks host a meeting every Wednesday at 10.30 am – the purpose being – to review the previous week’s menu and to enquire of any complaints as they like to take note of residents’ likes and dislikes. The proposed menu for the ensuing week is then discussed in detail.


Craft Class:

Having become experts in making bunting for the Crieff venture, it was decided to make a length of bunting for the Great Blooming Tea Party. When the big day arrived, the bunting, all in yellow to match the teapot, was hung along the terrace in front of the Garden Room. It had the word “WELCOME” in the centre portion and was very fitting for the occasion. As you all know, we won first prize for our entry in the Scarecrow Competition and as a result, a request was received for it to be displayed in a shop window in Crieff and that is where it is now. —- High praise indeed!


Quiz Nights continue to be popular and especially enjoyed by some our newer residents.


The Wardside House Indoor Golf Championship:

Needless to say this game, which was played in the Garden Room one week last month, had no similarity to the normal outdoor game.

The ‘balls’ were tennis balls and the ‘holes’ were circular pieces of velcro on which, if the ball stuck, it was considered to be ‘in the hole’. Additionally, each hole had a different value varying from 20 to 100 points and the player could choose any hole he or she wished. The winning players of each week day played a final round on the Friday and results were:-

1st Andrew Hodge

2nd Flora Kirkland

3rd Audrey Insch

and 4th Ursula Hubbard.

Not real golf by any imagination – but lots of fun!


Church Services.

Rev A Barton, of the Episcopal Church, on Friday 22nd August at 11.00 am in the small lounge.

Rev K Buwert, of the Church of Scotland, on Tuesday 26th August at 2.30 pm the large lounge


A Great Big Blooming Tea Party on Thursday 17th July in aid of Marie Curie Care was a great success and provided the opportunity for residents to meet with family members and friends in a most enjoyable and informal manner. It was a glorious sunny day and almost all were out on the terrace. Tea/coffee and cakes were served with enthusiasm and friendly banter by the staff which was much appreciated. This was followed by the distribution of prizes to the lucky holders of the winning raffle tickets which had been sold before and during the afternoon. Finally it was announced that a snap estimate of the money raised was £375 which was excellent but, on the following day, it was confirmed to have reached a grand total of £420.35p which was fabulous. Thanks are due to every one who contributed so generously and to all staff members, including those in the kitchen, for their enthusiastic co-operation.


Wardside House Enhancement:

Residents will, no doubt, have noted the presence of painters recently. Outside window frames, doors and walls of the buildings including gutterings and down pipes have all been repainted. Fortunately, the weather has been ideal throughout with no interruptions to the work and the whole complex is looking very smart and fresh.


A snippet from Phoebe Coull.

“I was watching a television programme about monkeys recently and was reminded of my twin brother. When he was a schoolboy, he began a correspondence with a boy from Kenya – but unfortunately it did not last long. One letter from Kenya contained a request – ‘you send me a camera and an illustrated Bible and me send you a monkey skin’. How we all laughed and my father immediately said “There is no monkey skin coming here”. That was the end of the correspondence and, needless to say, I did not want it either”.

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