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Wardside Gazette No. 50

June 2015 · Editor: Resident Andrew Hodge · Assisted by: Resident Audrey Insch

New Residents: 

During last month we welcomed Mrs Jenny Breckenridge from West Kilbride in Ayrshire as a permanent resident. She is settling in very well and will gradually get to know us all in the course of time.




Moira Browne celebrated a birthday last month and we wish her many happy returns of the day.


In Remebrance: 

Following the recent death of resident Elva Saunders, her family and some friends conducted a very fitting service of remembrance in the Large Lounge on the 4th May. Many residents and members of staff attended and expressed their sincere condolences.


Craft Class: 

Some time ago, the class took part in producing small square patches of needlework for a national project called ‘Plant Life’. The small squares were then mounted on a number of large frames, two of which are seen below in the photograph, and have been exhibited all over the country – even at Hampden Park during the Commonwealth Games. Our latest small square portrays the Scottish Thistle on a background of the Saltire and can be seen on the right hand frame just to the right of a similar design made by a 10 year old boy named Andrew. The organizer, who is standing, has kindly left the two frames in our safe-keeping for a few days.


Craft Class contd.: 

This month the members of the class have enjoyed four visits by young boys and girls from the Muthill Primary School for two reasons. First, to learn from the residents of events and stories of Muthill in days gone by and, secondly, to have our help in constructing a model of the village as it is today. The model is not yet complete but is progressing. It has been fun for the children and a test of the dexterity of the class members. Additionally, it is time make a start on this year’s ‘Scarecrow Competition’. So, thinking caps are now on.


Amy Claire Competition:

The winner was a member of staff – Linda Pryde who received Amy, the doll, plus £20 and thus the Joy Fund has gained £80.


Quiz Nights are still well attended and enjoyable.


Cook’s Meetings on Wednesday mornings, on the other hand, have not been well attended of late. That might indicate that everyone is well satisfied with all the meals we receive. But the purpose of the meeting is for the cooks to get first hand knowledge of each individuals’ likes and dislikes. They can then vary the menus to suit everyone’s taste where possible. If you are able to attend, a welcome by the cook awaits you.


Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme:

Have you met the two school girls who are visiting Wardside House as part of the award scheme? They are very pleasant young ladies, Claire Reid and Rebecca Lamb, both pupils at Crieff High School, and are here just to gain experience in talking to other people and learn of their experiences and perhaps their hobbies. If you get a visit, give them a friendly welcome and talk freely. You will enjoy their company. They are hoping to get the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award.


And Lastly:

Two very contrasting knitting stories. One true – the other, well ???.


The fields in a farmer’s land were very large but reasonably level and the farmer’s daughter usually drove the tractor around the fields, when required at, of necessity, a very slow speed. In time it got a bit boring and, being an avid knitter in her spare time at home, decided to try knitting while driving the tractor along the long straight stretches and it was very successful. She even produced a Christening Shawl for a young niece. A woman was driving her car on the motorway and knitting at the same time. She was soon spotted by a police patrol which drew along side her. They waved her down and shouted “Pull over!” She smiled calmly, lowered her window and shouted back “No officer – it is just a scarf”


Church Services.

Rev. K Buwert of the Church of Scotland on Tuesday 30th June at 2.30 pm in the large Lounge.

A date for the Episcopal Church Service will be announced when known.


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