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Wardside Gazette No. 8/04

April 2017 · Editor: Resident Andrew Hodge · Assisted by: Resident Audrey Insch

New Residents:

Mrs Ann Cooper from Bridge of Earn and Mrs Manton from Bridge of Allan have joined us as new residents and we hope they both settle in quickly and in time get to know all of the present residents and members of staff. 



An apology:

In last month Gazette’s opening paragraph.-“New Residents”, it was reported that Mrs Rosemary Morrison had joined us as a new member. It should have been Dr. Rosemary Morrison and we apologize for that error and hope, Rosemary, it did not cause you any embarrassment.



Congratulations and many happy returns of the day are wished to –  


Mrs Noble       Miss MacIntyre         Miss Catherine MacQueen


A Hospital Visit:

Toward the end of last month, Audrey Insch was critically ill and had to be rushed to hospital. However, with the expert care of the doctors and nurses, we are pleased to report that she is now back with us again and feeling a lot better.



With much sadness we have to report the death of Mrs Valerie Oliphant. Valerie will be missed by all of us and we express our sympathy to the members of her family.


A Resident’s Meeting will be held in the Large Lounge on Tuesday 4th April at 3pm and all relatives are welcome to attend.


A Staff Meeting will be held on Friday 7tth April at 3 pm.


Cook’s Meetings on Wednesday mornings give residents the opportunity to express their satisfaction or otherwise with the meals, which is most helpful to the cooks in getting to know everyone’s likes and dislikes.


Craft Classes:

The latest project, to produce an imitation bee hive, for the Muthill in Bloom new Primary School Gardening Group, has been very successful. It will be seen from the display in the reception area, that the ‘knitters’ with their needles have been ‘very busy bees’.


Quiz Night on Wednesday evenings is still popular and attendances are increasing. For the benefit of new residents, this is a very enjoyable evening. The questions are given verbally by Susie, the ‘quiz mistress’, for anyone to answer.


Church Service

Rev. K. Buwert of the Church of Scotland on Tuesday,

25th April 2017 at 2.30pm. in the large lounge.

All are welcome.


Primary School Children’s Visit.

In accordance with a Government Scheme, we had a visit from some children from the local Primary School for the purpose of reading to us. Presumably this is to help develop the confidence in the children to do so and they were excellent.  It could become a regular event for us.


Oor ain wee Toon O’ Mithill.

This is just four verses of a poem thought to have been written by an unknown composer in the early 1900’s. Apparently, older residents still refer to Muthill as Mithill.


Noo there’s mony a braw place in this wee world o’ oors,

Whaur the sun shines bricht in a tween refreshing shoors

But ye’ll no’ find a place that’ll  beat this hame o’ oors

Oor  ain wee toon o’ Mithill.


For there’s hunders o’ visiters come here every year,

Tae hae a game o’ bools an’ a taste o’ ginger beer,

a’ their health for another sixty year,

In oor  ain  wee toon o’ Mithill


Forbye we hae a bank that’s open to every man

An’ a first class Hydro, kept by yin McCann,

An’ a Jeely Works whaur ye can get a dacent pot o’ jam,

In oor ain wee toon o’ Mithill.


Noo ma guid free’ns I’ve travelled far and wide

Frae the auld brig o’ Turk tae a place they ca’ Muirside

But there’s no a better place that I would like tae bide

Than oor ain wee toon o’ Mithill.


Oh de da lie           In oor ain wee toon o’ Mithill..

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