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Wardside House Gazette No. 9/6 June 2018

June 2018 · Editor: Resident Andrew Hodge · Assisted by: Resident Audrey Insch

Centenary Celebrations

Last month, two of our residents reached and celebrated their 100th birthdays. On Thursday 3rd of the month it was Andrew Hodge and four days later on the Monday, the 7th of the month, it was Ruth Manton . On behalf of the management, staff and all residents, the Deputy Manager Margaret MacGregor congratulated both on reaching this unique milestone in life’s journey and hoped they both will maintain the health and strength to continue onwards.

Andrew and Ruth express their thanks and appreciation for making their respective special days very happy and memorable and here they are along with Margaret Grant who is 102.

Deaths: With much sadness we learned of the deaths of Mrs Selina Whitelaw and Mrs Ursula Hubbard. Both will be missed. Ursula was excellent in the arts of knitting and crocheting and most of items she made were donated to charities via the Craft Class.

Cook’s Meetings held at 10-30 am each Wednesday, continue to be very well attended. The proposed menu for the forthcoming week is explained in detail by one of the cooks on duty. Residents are given the opportunity to praise or complain about anything on the previous week’s menu and, if necessary, the cook takes note. But the meals they produce each day are varied and excellent with every effort made to satisfy individual tastes.

Staff News: All members of Staff have had training on fire awareness and safety.

Craft Classes are held on Monday and Thursday mornings at 11am in the Garden Room and provide an opportunity for residents to make something which could be either useful or just decorative. Susie, the leader, has always something that is simple to make considering our age group.

Quiz Nights: are held each Wednesday evening at 7pm in the Garden Room. Susie who leads the quiz has a host of questions which are most interesting and generally known when revealed. If anyone is hesitant to attend, the questions are not addressed to an individual. They are addressed to the whole class for anyone to answer if they know it.

Exercise Classes are still continuing to be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the Large Lounge starting at 4pm until 5pm

Church Services

Rev. Tracy Dowling, of the Scottish Episcopal Church,

On Tuesday 12th June at 11am in the large lounge

Rev. K. Buwert of the Church of Scotland

On Tuesday 26th June at 2.30pm.in the large lounge.

All are welcome to attend


The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was watched with great interest on television and we all wish them joy and happiness. To celebrate, a special lunch was served afterwards on one long table in the Garden Room. It was most appropriate and enjoyed by everyone.

The weather. So far this year, the trees have seen it all. Now their roots do not need to defy the gales, instead they send joy right up the tree. All the trees are dancing. Here at Wardside we’re particularly delighted by the copper beeches as they develop from a sort of mild green towards their full summer copper. What strength, what power! Perthshire, the most beautiful of counties, is proud of them and so are we.

Editor’s Personal Note: Andrew Hodge wishes all to know that coming to Wardside House was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

That was nine years ago and he is still here at the age of 100 being well looked after with everything one could wish for.

He admits to having been a bit overcome during his centenary celebrations last month but is fully recovered now and thanks Margaret MacGregor, the Deputy Manager, for her very kind words about his time in Wardside House, and also to all fellow residents and the Muthill Church members for their best wishes.

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