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Wardside House No 8/11

November 2017

New Residents: We welcomed Mr and Mrs David and Ruth Hunter from Crieff last month as permanent residents and hope they are settling in and getting to know the members of staff and all residents. Also, we welcomed Mrs Jean Page from Dunblane and Mrs Mary Graham from Crieff for periods of respite and hope they will benefit and enjoy their time at Wardside House.

Birthday: Congratulations and many happy returns of the day are wished to – Mrs Elizabeth Smith

Death: With much sadness, we report the death of Rosemary (Clare) Mackenzie and we express our condolences to her family and friends. Clare, as we knew her, was a very cheerful person and will be missed.

Cook’s Meetings, as always, are held on Wednesday at 10-30 am in the Large Lounge when the cook welcomes residents comments on the previous week’s menu, and then explains the proposed menu for the coming week. It is often quite interesting to hear other residents likes and dislikes.

Quiz Nights are always enjoyable. Susie, the quizmaster, has plenty of questions covering a variety of interesting subjects that, in many occasions, the answer is at the back of your mind but —–then you knew it when it is revealed.

Are you still good at arithmetic? Then here is a little story to test the little grey cells.

“As she strolled to the market with nothing but an empty basket, Mrs Tyler met seven farmers. Each farmer had three pigs, three of the farmers had two sheep each. And one of the farmers had 15 geese. How many feet were walking to the market?”

Craft Class: The members of the class have been busy making articles suitable for the Shoe Box Appeal but no doubt, something ‘Christmasy’ for the Reception Area is possibly the next project to be tackled. Additionally, they have just completed this year’s Christmas Card which will soon be on view ready for orders to be recorded. Fuller details will be published shortly.

The Staff’s Children’s Party was held on the afternoon of Saturday 29th October . It was excellent and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves with plenty of activity and some ‘goodies’ to eat. We, the ‘oldies’ looked on, enjoyed the activities and helped in ‘Passing the Parcel’. It brought back memories of our own young party days.

Shoe Box Appeal: A big ‘thank you’ to all who donated to this very worthy cause. Eight boxes have been filled with very useful items which is excellent. Eight needy people, somewhere in Europe, will be overjoyed when they receive one.

Church Services

Rev. Tracy Dowling of the Scottish Episcopal Church

On Tuesday 14th November at 11am. in the large lounge.


Rev. K. Buwert of the Church of Scotland

On Tuesday 28th November at 2.30pm. in the large lounge.

Residents will have noticed that the flowers on the wall at the front of the Garden Room have all been replaced by winter varieties to maintain the flash of colour that everyone enjoys and admires.

A Musical Afternoon on 26th October at 2pm in the Large Lounge had been arranged with Music in Hospitals and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We were entertained with a selection of well known songs from the stage and screen by Colin Bryce, singer, and Gina Baker, pianist. They were both excellent and would be welcomed back on a future occasion if that was ever possible.

Some little snippets:

The nicest thing about the future is…               The trouble with Bucket Seats

it always starts with tomorrow.                         not everybody has the same size of bucket.


Why is it that in class reunions                           No one ever says “It’s only a game” when

you feel younger than anyone else looks.        their team is winning.


I’ve reached the age where                                 Money can’t buy happiness – but

‘Happy Hour’ is a nap.                                     somehow it is more comfortable to cry

in a “Rolls” than a “Mini.”


Answer to Quiz Night Question.

How many feet were walking to the market?   Only 2 — Mrs Tyler’s. The farmers and their animals were going home when she met them.







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